'In Nederland kun je niet verdwalen, hoogstens omrijden',
graduation Art & Design, 2016

Dots, 2015, 42 x 60cm, 20 hours and 1 fineliner


Colify, browser extension — colify is a browser extension which creates
collages out of existing web elements. Everything happens randomly so
every webpage looks different. Created by Norah Maat and Nicole Jansen.
Available for free in chrome web store

Enter the fourth dimension — The string theory about the 4th dimension and other proposals require more than three space dimensions. These extra dimensions could be very small, which is why we do not see them.

Arbejdsglæde [danish], printing press, 2018 — is the positive feeling that develops when you simply love what you do. It stokes motivation and serves as an reliable source of energy. In turn, the work brings a keen sense of satisfaction. 

Gravity, font, 2019


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