Graduation project 'Arnhem Central Station', 2016

             Ø, Discover Berlin, 2015

             Internship report, 2014
             Graphic Playground, Arnhem
             Design in collaboration with Kim van Es

             Internship report, 2016 
             Stichting Plaatsmaken, Arnhem

             BO, screenprinted neon ink, 1/8, 2016
             Internship assignment Stichting Plaatsmaken, Arnhem


             Tetralogysize A5, 2014
             Four different book binding methods,
             each his own theme, content and cover

             Camino Encounters Series, 2018
             design layout, client:

             A true history, redesign, 2016

          ABC, new typeface, 2016

             Ellipse, learn code, 2016

             Family, movement, 2017

             Abandon, places in Aalten, 2018




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