Dots, 2015
42 x 60cm,
20 hours and 1 fineliner

In Nederland kun je niet verdwalen, hoogstens omrijden,
graduation Art & Design, 2016

We're all in a hurry and don't think anymore. Do we see what's
happening around us? When do we stop? It seems we're only
concerned with reaching our destination. With all the haste we
don't read words per letter, but words in its entirety. It doesn't
matter in what order the letters are in a word, as long as the first
and the last letters are in the right place.

These quotes reflect on how I experience and feel the surrounding
at the station, how I travel and experience the big crowd.  

Did you stop your travel for a minute and took the time to read
the quotes? Take this rest before you travel to your next destination. 

Colify, browser extension
Colify is a browser extension which creates
collages out of existing web elements.
Created by Norah Maat and Nicole Jansen.

As graphic designers we like to make collages
for our creative process. While we were doing
this we came up with the idea to make an
extension which could do this for us in an already
existing web browser. 

Colify is a browser extension which creates
collages out of existing web elements. Everything
happens randomly so every webpage looks different.

Available for free in chrome web store


Arbejdsglæde [danish], printing press, 2018
is the positive feeling that develops when you simply
love what you do. 
It stokes motivation and serves as
an reliable source of energy. In turn, 
the work brings a
keen sense of satisfaction. 

Thinking in Boxes, 2017
Competition organized by
De Affiche Galerij (The Hague)
3sec gallery website




I, Salarymen — 私、サラリーマン

Look around you, what is the most natural thing for you 
in Tokyo? We are all busy with time and rushing from one 
place to another, to achieve the best version of ourselves.
We designed our environment, but how to develop more?
A house is a machine for living — Le Corbusier
What is a city then?

Are we all a Salaryman? What if you do not speak the
language in this country, and you want to work as a
Salaryman? After following a Salarymen for a day to find 
out what a day contained for them, I wanted to compare 
it on a different way, so I stayed for a day at the Capsule 
Net Omotenashi no Oyado hotel, without going outside, 
projecting it on myself. 

How do we communicate, while we do not speak 
Japanese and few Japanese speak English, what 
language should we speak to get closer to each other? 
By translating everything with Google Translate, are you 
able to participate in Japan?

Pyramid of the Salarymen — サラリーマンのピラミッド

Probe of a mapping in a toolkit way. Salarymen will work
hard to get a place nearby work and get upgrades at a
certain level.

Needs: buildings closeby work for employees to live, so
there are fewer people in public transport and they become
more energetic. As earlier mentioned, Le Corbusier talks
about that a 'House is a machine for living', in this case
because people work hard to live like this way and
workspaces become bigger. For example remove the
subway and get own traffic possibilities which drive
themselves instead of people wo have to do it. It will be
the city of the company in a short amount of time. 

Consuming own energy systems and do self cultivated raw
materials such as food and clothing, it will be a part of
human nature whereas it became a city of salaryman in a
‘farmer’ way. Thus producing their own goods and consume
to keep te city ongoing.


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